miXscope miXscope enables microscope and video camera users to take snapshots, create time-lapse movies, stop motion movies, or image sequences of the world around them.

miXscope users can also add time stamps, text comments, image overlays, make measurements, add special effects, and/or draw on the live view images. You can also create movies from image sequences.

miXscope 3.3.1 Now Available - June 9, 2010

Don't need all the features of miXscope? View the comparison chart between the miXscope and QXScope software.

stopAttention QX5 Microscope Users: The QX5 may not work properly with some Macs. The current workaround is to connect the QX5 to your Mac via a self-powered USB hub. Please verify miXscope works properly with your QX5 and Mac before purchasing a software license for miXscope.

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miXscope is currently unavailable for purchase.

What's New in version 3.3.1

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Supported Devices
  • QX3/QX3+ USB Microscopes
  • QX5/Smithsonian USB Microscopes
  • MiScope USB Handheld Microscope
  • External iSight Camera
  • Built-in iSight Camera
  • DV Cameras
  • Dino-Lite Series of Microscopes
  • Other microscopes/cameras that have a QuickTime video driver

miXscope 3.3.1 is a free upgrade for registered users of miXscope and miXscope QX5.
miXscope QX5 was replaced by miXscope 2.0.

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