Keyboard shortcuts

Action Shortcut

Toggle Top Lamp* shift-command-t

Toggle Bottom Lamp* shift-command-b

Zoom In shift-Plus(+)

Zoom Out shift-Minus(-)

Take Snapshot shift-command-s

Enable/Disable Live Drawing shift-command-d

Clear All Drawings shift-command-c

Clear Previous Drawing control-command-c

Toggle Freeze Image shift-command-f

Toggle Full Screen command-f

Show Fonts command-t

Enable/Disable Speech Recognition control-command-s

Copy image to clipboard command-c

Measurement Fine Adjustments arrow keys

Preferences... command-comma(,)

Control Panel Access

General command-1

Movies command-2

Overlay command-3

Video Effects command-4

Measurement command-5

Draw command-6

Device command-7

Snapshot Clips command-8

Movie Clips command-9

* applies only to the QX3 and QX5